Founded on 22 May, 2013

Solidarity International USA is an international philanthropic organization with large network of members and volunteers worldwide.

It supports and develops international humanitarian programs that serve people in need. With the dedication and work of members and volunteers SI USA is able to improve thousands of lives through our high-impact initiatives.

SI USA is a national council of Solidarity International, the global coalition against poverty & inequality with its headquarters in Kathmandu & national council in few countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Oceania.

SI USA Team:


Keshav Subedi

Daman Raj Shahi

Tulsi Ram Sharma


Shree Ram Thapa

Senior Vice-President:

Jeet Bahadur Thapa


Bhim Bahadur K.C


Hari Prasad Pokhrel

Joint Secretary

Safal Panta


Dipesh Sedain


Kamal Kunwar

Amrit Kandel

Talim Thapa

Khadak Bahadur Kunwar

Bikram Kunwar

Indra Thapa

Tejendra Thapa